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For a pleasant stay at the hotel we ask you to follow the next set of rules:

Check-in and check-out 
Guests can check into the room from 15:00 on the day of the arrival.
Check-out should be carried out before 11:00.
Guests have to submit personal documents when arriving.
Early check-in and late check-out can only be possible in case of availability of the room(s) and early notice.
Room reservation is kept until 21:00 on the day of the arrival unless it was specified differently in advance.

Reservation and Confirmation
Guest’s reservation is binding for both the guest and the hotel. Confirmation of reservation can be carried out either verbally or in writing. In case the reservation is done over the telephone, reservation is considered the same as a written one. Reservation must include services included in the offer, their cost, method of payment and cancellation conditions. Reservation is considered confirmed by payment or submission of credit card data by the guest.

In case of individual reservations the amount is payed at the arrival on hotel reception. Payment with cash or card is possible. In case of group reservations the amount is payed according to agreement with the hotel’s sales representative.

Cancellation of Reservation and »no-show«
Agreement of reservation is binding for both parties.
In case of cancellation of non-refundable reservation a refund is not possible.
Free refund of refundable reservations is possible 48 hours before arriving at the hotel. In case of later cancellation or “no-show” the hotel keeps the right of charging the whole amount.

For group reservations, free cancellation is possible no later than 60 days before arriving at the hotel.

House rules
Smoking in all areas of the hotel is strictly prohibited by law. Beside a fine enforced by the law, the hotel has a right to demand 100 € for cleaning purposes in case the guest does not comply with smoking prohibition.

In case of damage caused on the hotel inventory, the hotel keeps the right of compensating for the damage.

Pets are welcome in case of early notice. Additional payment is 15 € per day.

Free parking is available in front of the hotel.

Hotel reception has international adapters for phone charges in stock.

Hotel reception offers the guests free printing (number of pages is limited).

Additional expenses will be charged at check-out.

We wish you a cozy stay!

Ambient Hotel Team

Your host in the of Slovenia!